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Beta Sigma Psi was founded in 1925. The purpose of Beta Sigma Psi is to provide an environment in which the Christian college man can grow Spiritually, Scholastically, and Socially. To that end, Beta Sigma Psi undertakes programs to develop leaders and to aid the individual in assuming a satisfying and useful role in society. Through its alumni and undergraduate leadership, Beta Sigma Psi endeavors to assist each member develop character, develop intellectual awareness, develop responsibility to chapter, college, community, state, nation, and world, develop spiritual welfare, develop brotherhood, develop integrity, promote friendship, and advance justice.

In the News

Current news of Beta Sig Omega Chapter

1/9/17 – Beta Sigma Psi #1 GPA at IU

In the fall of 2016, Omega chapter achieved the highest grade point average of all fraternities on the Indiana University campus. This is their first time to do so marking a major milestone.

5/2/17 - Omega Chapter wins the Hoosier Grail

Beta Sigma Psi wins the overall fraternity intramural Hoosier Grail cup in its second year, winning both intramural kickball & table tennis, while making it to the playoffs in many more.

Why I joined Beta Sig

Testimonials of Active Brothers

Collin Evans

"Helps me stay sound in my faith"

Beta Sig has provided me a space that allows me to grow in my spiritual faith and I am surrounded with others who are active about developing theirs.

Dustin Gray

"Inspires me to acheive greater"

The lessons that I have learned with Beta Sig will stay with me for the rest of my life. My brothers definitely push me to become a better me.

Trent Wagoner

"Made me the man I am today"

Coming to college is a big step with so many different paths that you can choose. I am so glad that I made the right choice with Beta Sigma Psi.

Stephen Crone

"Best brotherhood around"

Being a smaller chapter on campus is one of our greatest advantages. I know everyone personally and always feel at home in the Beta Sig house.

"Building the Best Leaders"

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